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COVID-19 Report

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Here is a COVID-19 report I made and published via Power BI Publish to Web. All COVID-19 case data are based on Johns Hopkins University's published dataset. I have also integrated COVID testing data provided by Our World in Data and The COVID Tracking Project.

Click here to view the report in full screen

The report will be updated daily. Feel free to browse and interact. The report design is simple. It focuses on clearly showing the basic numbers and then going into more detail with several more advanced metrics.

I will be publishing a series of posts on all the steps needed to create this report. However, it will not just be about the report itself but the whole process from data acquisition, data cleansing, architecture, model design, measure creation, and report design. Stay tuned and stay healthy everyone!


I added population density (by country and US state). You can see it on pages 5 and 6.


Very helpful viz thanks. I wonder if adding population density would be interesting

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